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Hello! We are Octas.

We bring Japanese IP & Artists directly to the world.

Octas was established in 2018.

Our mission is to connect Japanese creators and their IP directly to fans around the world.
About the founder & CEO

Vincent Shortino

Octas Inc is led by Vince Shortino. Longtime founder & CEO of Crunchyroll Japan, Vince is a 15+ year veteran of the Japanese Anime industry and is fluent in Japanese. Today Vince splits his time living in Tokyo and San Francisco, developing business for Japanese artists & their IP.

2023 Octas Brands & Licenses

As of 2023 Octas manages & monetizes 11 IP and artists and the roster is continuing to grow driving success for our partners and clients globally. 

Artist Representation

By working directly with the artist, we help creators so their IP can grow to their fullest potential.

Licensing & Branding

We manage creators and cute characters and bring them out of Japan to the Global market.

Industry Consulting

Good content comes from a good team with true intent. We offer Anime industry consulting with decades of experience.

Marketing & Artist Collaborations

Facilitating effective and interesting
Artist & Brand collaborations.

Business Development

We go above and beyond for our creators to ensure continued branded business success.

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Hypersonic Music Club

New Property coming soon.....

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